A perspective from above can serve so many purposes - as an industry we have only scratched the surface of the potential uses of drones. The nearly all uses involve using the photos or video captured by the drone, for data analysis or simply just obtaining an alternative view.


Here are a just a few ways drones have been used so far, all of which are achievable by
Creative Skies.


- Journalism -

- Sports Photography -

- Photos of Houses for Estate Agents -

- Wind Turbine Inspections -

- Surveying Damage to Buildings -

- Video/Photography of Fishing Lakes -

- Video/Photography of Golf Courses -

- Video/Photography for Weddings -

- 3D Digital Mapping of Structures -

- Venue Promotional Material -


Whatever your ideas are, and whatever you want use the images for, we will do what we can to make your concept a reality.

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