A perspective from above can serve so many purposes, as an industry we have only scratched the surface of the potential uses of drones.


Aerial photography and video can be used in amazing ways to capture images of events – a perspective from above can provide a unique view for all sorts of activities and provide a view unobtainable by any other means.










Whether you have a creative idea that needs an alternative view point, or just a practical need for capturing images from above – we have the skills which will set you apart.







Surfing, rock climbing, canoeing, cliff diving, mountain biking, skiing – there are many sports where the terrain restricts creative camera angles, but with a drone these limits are removed.















Using a drone to capture sports also offers very unique angles that are unobtainable by any means. We not only have the ability to provide video up to 4K after filming, but we also have the ability to provide a live video link directly from our drone at 720p – this is significant for use in live events.


The potential uses of drones in sport are limitless, but whatever you chose to use the images for, we can guarantee a unique perspective.



Capturing your special day from above, will positively supplement any photography or filming you already have planned, and also provide excitement for all of your guests. We can offer aerial group photos, video of your arrival at the church, as well as any other creative ideas you have.

















If you have also have a beautiful venue with an outside reception then using a drone is essential, and the footage will provide an even more unique experience of your wedding.



We have significant experience of corporate events, and whatever outside activities you have planned, capturing images and video from above will provide an unique and exciting angle.


We have the ability to make your ideas a reality.



With the ability to capture photos of groups (up to 1000 people) we can capture amazing group photos of your organisation.


Schools, businesses, flash mobs or simply just social gatherings – have you considered the unique concept of an aerial group photo.

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