A perspective from above can serve so many purposes, as an industry we have only scratched the surface of the potential uses of drones.


Aerial photography and video can be used in amazing ways to capture images of buildings and other structures – a perspective from above not only provides a unique view, but can also be used as a very effective tool for inspecting roofs and other inaccessible areas.

Whether you have a creative idea that needs an alternative view point, or just a practical need for capturing images from above – we have the skills which will set you apart.



Aerial photos and video can bring significant value to selling property. The heightened view point that a drone offers is of significant benefit to larger properties, especially if they have a lot of land or an impressive view - as the images will provide a clear context of the property within the surrounding landscape.


Videos are especially impressive as it enables the viewer to not only see the building, but build an understanding and a feeling of the whole environment.



Hiring a drone to survey a building or structure, can save time, increase efficiency and ultimately reduce costs.






















Using the images and video from a drone, enables you to thoroughly inspect roofs, chimneys and other inaccessible locations. Flights can be completed quickly & efficiently, and when used in conjunction with the live feed the results are instantaneous.


We are also able to produce 3D models of roofs and buildings for import directly into CAD software.



Aerial pictures of structures and buildings can be of great value for architects and engineering firms. We can provide footage and photos which reveal the true beauty and quality of your projects.



Whatever your venue, we can offer aerial footage and images which will significantly enhance your promotional material.


We have the ability to produce fully edited promotional videos which capture the whole ‘feel’ of your venue, or alternatively we can provide the raw footage directly from the drone if you prefer.



If a building is large enough, we have the ability to fly drones inside a building.











This alternative angle can really effectively portray a building in a ‘new light’ – using video is especially worthwhile as movement brings the building to life.

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